Spex•Lite® Low Cost and Lightweight Fillers

Spex•Lite® lightweight Shooting Bag Fillers

Spex•Lite® 5524B

Spex•Lite® 5524B

Spex•Lite® 5524B

SpexLite 5524B Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fill - Loose EPP Bead

  • ~1  pcf
  • ~3.5 mm in size
  • Ultra Lightweight Filler Material
  • Extremely Durable
  • Water Resistant
  • Virtually Dust Free

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Spex•Lite® 6807

Spex•Lite® 5524B

Spex•Lite® 5524B

SpexLite 6807 Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fill - Loose EPS Bead

  • ~ 2.2 pcf
  • ~ 0.8 mm in size
  • Soft and Responsive
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
  • Virtually Dust Free 

Spex•Lite® 5125

Spex•Lite® 5524B

Spex•Lite® 5125

SpexLite 5125 Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fill - Loose EPP Bead

  • ~ 10 pcf
  • ~2.5 mm in size
  • Medium Fill
  • Very Rigid and Conforming
  • Water Resistant 
  • Virtually Dust Free


SpexLite is the Best Lightweight Shooting Bag Fill

SpexLite 5524B is the best lightweight shooting bag fill material.  It is:

  • Made in America
  • Extremely durable
  • Only a fraction of a pound inside of most common PRS and hunting shooting bags and shooting rests!
  • Engineered to be the best rear bag or positional shooting bag filler. It isn't something you buy for your cat's urine or to cook as food in the field, it is designed to provide you the best, most lightweight, Made in America, engineered, extremely durable fill for your shooting bag rest to enable you to shoot better, longer. 

Product Details

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Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fillers are small beads that provide many benefits over ordinary shooting bag fill materials.  

Spex•Lite® Shooting Bag Fillers can be up to 50x lighter than kitty litter, providing tremendous weight savings for shooting pillows exposed to the elements.

Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Weight Shooting Bag Fillers are virtually dust free so as not to interfere with expensive shooting gear. Their structural integrity and durability enable them to withstand use, abuse and the elements for years to come. 

Spex•Lite® is used by military, professional and recreational shooters, PRS competitors and hunters around the world in all types of terrains and situations. The main benefit of SpexLite Shooting Bag Fill is the unbelievable weight reduction. 

SpexLite Shooting Bag Fill Volume Comparison Infographic.

SpexLite Is the Lightest Shooting Bag Filler

Spex•Lite® vs. Ordinary Shooting Bag Fill

If you are looking for a durable, lightweight filler material to make it easier to hump your PRS bags and hunting bags by significantly reducing their weight, look no further!

Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fillers are the right choice for you if you are wondering how to decrease the weight of your shooting bag without decreasing your performance. 

As you can see  in the picture above,  Spex•Lite® Shooting Bag Fillers outperform ordinary shooting bag filler materials, like sand, kitty litter, rice, bird seed and other household or pet-focused products. Compared to these other materials, Spex•Lite® provides the following benefits:

  • Doesn't absorb water when exposed to the elements and add additional weight
  • Doesn't get hard and solidify when wet
  • Doesn't create dust 
  • Doesn't create noise when in use
  • Doesn't readily break down
  • Isn't a food source that promotes mold or fungus, or attract animals when in the field

For a high-performance, lightweight shooting bag fill, go with a patent-pending product designed to help you hit the mark on both weight and performance. Call Spex•Lite® today!

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Spex•Lite® Shooting Bag Filler Comparision

Here is a great video comparing Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fill against other shooting bag fillers.

Check out the shooting bag filler comparison video below to see how Spex•Lite® Lightweight Shooting Bag Fill significantly decreases weight for shooting bags.

Spex•Lite® Doesn't Absorb or Expand With Water

Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Shooting Bag Fill absorbs little to no water and its performance as a shooting bag filler is unaffected by exposure to water.  

Other traditional shooting bag filler materials cannot say the same!

Watch the video to find out more!

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Size and densities are averages and material may fluctuate.