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Spex•Lite® is better business bureau accredited!


Spex•Lite® is Proud to be BBB Accredited!

We don't just provide the best lightweight filler materials on the market, we go to extremes to deliver the best customer service possible.

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Weight Saving Volume fillers and low-cost additives

Spex•Lite® Light Weight Fillers


Spex•Lite®  saw a market need for an ultra lightweight filler material with certain performance characteristics that was not available on the market. Leveraging his decades of experience selling competitive products and his chemical engineering background, Ned invented and was awarded several patents for Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Filler Beads, which resemble miniature “Nerf” balls. We are continually amazed at myriad uses of Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Filler Beads by our customers.

Spex•Lite® is Better Business Bureau Accredited and offers the most complete line of lightweight fillers on the market. Spex•Lite® Polymer Foam Beads are created from various polymers and are formed as unique, closed cell, foamed beads having extremely low volume densities. We continue to listen to our customers and develop new products of various sizes, densities, shapes, compositions, strengths and more to optimize customers' performance and cost requirements. 

Spex•Lite® Beads provide increased filler volumes, substantial insulation properties, improved buoyancy, and likely cost reductions. In addition, Spex•Lite® Beads offer unbeatable weight reduction and longevity, which enables lower product weights than you would get with ordinary lightweight aggregates. 

Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Filler Beads are an extremely efficient and cost effective filler. For example, adding roughly 1% of Spex•Lite® Beads by weight of the roofing compound system:

  • Increases profit margins (decrease product cost up to 25%)
  • Decreases the overall weight of the system (reduce weight up to 28%)
  • Improves ergonomics and worker safety (your 55# bucket can now weigh ~40#)
  • Reduces freight costs (ship more units per truckload due to decreased package weight)

With all the ways Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Filler Beads can be used, it has tremendous potential to save you and your company money based on product volume costs, in addition to transportation and freight factors. Call us today to save!

Water Resistant


Spex•Lite® Lightweight Filler Materials Float in Water!

Our lightweight fillers absorb little to no liquid or resin, which saves you weight as a lightweight aggregate, or money as a low-cost additive in a resinous system.  To achieve weight savings as a filler or cost reduction as an additive in your system, call Spex•Lite® today at 440-462-1500!


SpexLite beads on a quarter.

 Spex•Lite® Beads are Incredibly Lightweight Fillers – One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.  One gallon of  Spex•Lite® Beads can weigh as low as only 0.09 pounds.  This means that Spex•Lite® Beads can be as much as 88 times lighter than water and can decrease the weight of your fill or your formulated system dramatically.


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