Why's Spex•Lite® Unique?

Full Product Line

Generational Company

Generational Company

 SPEX•LITE® provides the most complete line of EPS, EPP, PVC, PVDC, EPE, Ceramics, Rubber, Glass and MORE! We provide full range of sizes, densities and customizable performance characteristics to meet your requirements. 

Generational Company

Generational Company

Generational Company

 We are a third Generation company. We have continuity of leadership and you can be assured we will value your business for generations to come. 

Tight Specifications

Generational Company

Tight Specifications

 SPEX•LITE® is manufactured to exacting specifications. You work hard for your money. We believe you deserve nothing but the best product, so that's why we make SPEX•LITE®. 

Patented Products

Patented Products

Tight Specifications

Your customers demand more and their needs keep changing. We hear your feedback and that's why we invest heavily in R&D to bring you innovative and value-added products. The USPTO agrees, and they keep awarding us patents.

Easy Ordering

Patented Products

Water Absorption

 After a generation or two (or three!), we've streamlined our ordering process to make it super simple for you. We also stock common products to minimize lead times and get you your orders fast. We're not BBB Accredited for nothing!

Water Absorption

Patented Products

Water Absorption

 Typical fillers absorb water and resin, making them difficult and expensive to work with. SpexLite offers products with variable porosity to decrease costs and improve performance. 

Spex•Lite® is better business bureau accredited!

Spex•Lite® is Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited

Spex•Lite® is Proud to be BBB Accredited!

We provide the most complete line of cost reducing fillers and lightweight materials on the market. We also go to extremes to deliver the best customer service possible.

 To learn what it's like to be valued by your supplier of the most complete line of low cost and lightweight filler materials, call us today at 440-462-1500 to speak with a real person!

SpexLite Explained by Snow White

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Cost Saving Volume fillers and Resin Extenders

SpexLite Bulk Bag of Ultra Light Filler Beads

Spex•Lite® Low Cost and Light Weight Fillers

Spex•Lite® is Better Business Bureau Accredited and offers the most complete line of low cost resin extenders and lightweight fillers on the market. SpexLite products are engineered with performance characteristics that give our customers the competitive edge. Leveraging our decades of innovation, we are continually introducing new products to meet our customers' needs. We are proud of the many uses of Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Filler Beads and of the results our customers report!

Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Fillers provide great volume-cost advantages and extremely low bulk densities and over ordinary filler materials. We listen to our customers and develop new products of various sizes, densities, shapes, compositions, strengths and other requirements to optimize customers' performance and costs. 

Spex•Lite® Beads offer unbeatable cost and weight reduction, resulting in improved economics and lower product weights over what is typically possible with ordinary extenders, additives, aggregates and fillers.

Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Filler Beads are an extremely efficient and cost effective filler. For example:

Composites: One application decreased product costs nearly 25%! 

Industrial Explosives: One customer reported ability to drill fewer holes due to improved VOD!

Shooting Bag Fill: One user reported decreasing the weight of his bag over 90%!

Common Benefits of SpexLite Use Include:

  • Decreased product costs 
  • Reduced freight costs  
  • Lower product weight 
  • Improved ergonomics and worker safety

Call us Today to Order Your Spex•Lite® Fillers - 440-462-1500!

SpexLite 5524B Filler Bead Floating in a Jar of Water


Spex•Lite® Lightweight Filler Materials Float in Water!

Most of our lightweight fillers absorb little to no liquid or resin, which saves you money as a low-cost resin extender and weight as a lightweight filler.  Call SpexLite today at 440-462-1500 to achieve cost reduction as an additive and weight savings as a filler in your system!

Super Sack of SpexLite so Lightweight a Man Can Pick It Up


 Spex•Lite® Beads are Incredibly Lightweight Fillers – One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.  One gallon of Spex•Lite® Beads can weigh as low as only 0.09 pounds.  This means that Spex•Lite® Beads can be as much as 88 times lighter than water and can substantially decrease the weight of your fill or your formulated system.

SpexLite Cuts Costs for Customers

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