Spex•Lite® Lightweight Filler

benefits of Spex•Lite® For Composites

Cost Reduction

As an ultra efficient volume filler, SPEX•LITE® Resin Extender's cost per volume saves customers material and freight costs in almost every instance.

Weight Reduction

With a bulk density as low as ~0.75 pounds per cubic foot (pcf),  SPEX•LITE® Resin Extenders will decrease the weight of nearly every system.

Solvent Resistant

SpexLite 5xxx-series products are highly resistant to most chemicals, opening the possibilities of reducing weight and cost in a wide variety of systems.

Reduced VOC

SpexLite fillers can be used to replace up to 60% of the resin in a system, which reduces the VOC.

Optimal Lead Time

Your supply chain requires short lead times and quick order fulfillment. Spex•Lite® is proudly and conveniently Made in the USA and shipped worldwide.

Limited Porosity

SPEX•LITE® Resin Extenders are engineered to have minimal porosity,  which decreases the material cost of your system.

Rounded Shape

SPEX•LITE® Epoxy Resin Extenders and lightweight additives have a rounded shape, which promotes the flow of a resinous system.

Improved Buoyancy

SpexLite fillers' extremely low specific gravity help improve the buoyancy of finished goods.

Structural Integrity

SpexLite provides multi-cellular, closed cell particle structure that provides resiliency and stability for composites.

Product Dimensions

Don't see what you're looking for? To discuss your specific needs, please call Spex•Lite® today at 440-462-1500! Size and densities are averages and material may fluctuate.

Common Uses

Industrial Compounds and Resinous Systems

Offshore & Maritime Applications

Roof Compound

Windmills and Wind Turbines

Cultured Marble

Corian Countertops

Cement Board and Concrete Composites