SpexLite Lightweight Fillers and Resin Extenders

SpexLite Low Cost Ultra Light Fillers & Resin Extenders

SpexLite provides the most complete line of ultra lightweight fillers and low cost resin extenders. With a broad assortment of densities, sizes, heat and chemical resistance, SpexLite can help you save material cost and weight!

SpexLite new product development

Check Back Often For New Products!

SpexLite continues to develop new, low cost and high performance extenders, additives and fillers to meet our customers' demanding specs. Check back often for new product updates, and contact us to discuss your specific requirements

Snow White Explains SpexLite Products

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Unit Density Conversion Calculator

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Spex•Lite® Ultra Light Filler Bead Summary

Average bulk density and typical bead size may vary; values provided indicate normal averages. PCF refers to pounds per cubic foot. The above information is from sources considered reliable. No warranty is expressed or implied and suitability for use in a particular application is the sole responsibility of the user.

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