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What are the benefits of Solid Air?

>98% Air Content

 SPEX•LITE® Solid Air is >98% air content, which provides many unique advantages as a lightweight additive in emulsion systems.

Weight Reduction

At around 1 pound per cubic foot (pcf) bulk density,  SPEX•LITE® Solid Air will decrease the weight of nearly every system.

Cost Reduction

As an ultra efficient volume filler, SPEX•LITE® Solid Air's cost per volume saves customers material and freight costs in almost every instance.

Absorbs Minimal Liquid

Using  SPEX•LITE® Solid Air in an emulsion system won't absorb any meaningful amount of the liquids.

Rounded Shape

SPEX•LITE® Solid Air has a rounded shape, which helps promote flow of an emulsion system when it is being pumped.


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Lightweight Filler Aggregate Comparison Infographic. Spex•Lite® fills substantially more volume!

Get More Bang For Your Buck

Spex•Lite® Fills More Volume Than Ordinary Fillers

Spex•Lite® Solid Air weighs a lot less than ordinary lightweight fillers. Because of how lightweight Spex•Lite® Solid Air is, it can fill a lot more space, or volume, than other lightweight aggregates given the same weight. Because material is most commonly bought by weight, you can save a lot of money by using  Spex•Lite® Solid Air. 

Benefits of using Spex•Lite® Solid Air:

  • Decrease weight of system
  • Fill more void space with less weight
  • Doesn't break into abrasives under shear
  • Absorbs minimal water
  • Decreases volume cost of overall system in most cases
  • Improves performance of system in most cases

For example, glass microspheres can weigh about 7.8 pounds per cubic foot (pcf). Spex•Lite® Solid Air weighs about 1.0 pound per cubic foot (pcf). So, compared to common glass microspheres, Spex•Lite® Solid Air is ~7.8 times more efficient as a volume filler.

Improve Your Profits

Want to decrease weight and cost in your emulsion system? Call Spex•Lite® and ask for our Solid Air!

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Free Downloadable Brochure

Check out our brochure for the benefits of using Spex•Lite® Solid Air in ANFO or Emulsion explosives.

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