Spex•Lite® Lightweight Fillers and Resin Extenders

What are the Attributes of Solid Air?

Up To 98% Air Content

 SPEX•LITE® Solid Air is up to 98% air content, which provides many unique advantages as a lightweight additive in emulsion systems.

Weight Reduction

With a bulk density of ~0.9 pounds per cubic foot (pcf),  SPEX•LITE® 5510 Solid Air will significantly decrease the weight of ANFO systems.

Cost Reduction

As an ultra efficient volume filler, SPEX•LITE® Solid Air's volume cost saves customers material and freight costs in almost every instance.

Absorbs Minimal Liquid

SPEX•LITE® Solid Air may reduce the amount of liquid potentially absorbed in an emulsion system, which can lead to improved blast results.

Rounded Shape

SPEX•LITE® Solid Air has a rounded shape, which promotes flow of an ANFO emulsion system when it's being pumped.

Patent Pending

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SpexLite Advantages WITH CONVENTIONAL AN Prills

Improved Efficiency


Case studies using SpexLite Solid Air demonstrate that less holes are required per blast, saving both time and money.

Convenient Storage & Handling


SpexLite can be conveniently stored regardless of weather conditions and SpexLite can be handled either pneumatically or mechanically.

Less Susceptible to H2O


SpexLite Solid Air doesn't succumb to moisture, humidity, heat or temperature cycling like standard AN prills, and it doesn't tend to clump.



Traditional ANFO prills are hazardous both to ship and to handle. SpexLite Solid Air does not require hazardous shipping and handling surcharges.

Negligible Build-up


Conventional Prills provide warnings of potential build-up on shipping and storage containers. SpexLite doesn't contribute to residue buildup.

Decreased Weight


Conventional ANFO prills weigh ~45 - 55 pcf. SpexLite Solid Air weighs between ~0.9 - 15 pcf and it doesn't tend to break down during transit.

Get More Bang For Your Buck

Spex•Lite® Fills More Volume Than Ordinary Fillers

Spex•Lite® Solid Air is up to 98% air content and is easy to ship, store, handle and use. Not only is it easy to handle, it provides tremendous advantages when mixed in with a conventional ANFO emulsion system.

Benefits of using Spex•Lite® Solid Air:

  • Decreased volume cost of overall ANFO system (in most cases)
  • Improved blast efficiency (fewer holes required, in most cases)
  • Decreased system weight
  • Decreased water absorption 
  • Reduced build-up

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Improve Your Profits

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Spex•Lite® Solid Air Product Specs

Spex•Lite® ELA 1512

Spex•Lite® ELA 1512 Solid Air
~75% Air
Typical Bead Size: ~1 – 2 mm 
Avg Bulk Density: ~15 pcf

  • ~75% captured air content
  • Typical Bead Size: ~1 - 2 mm
  • Avg Bulk Density: ~15 pcf
  • 100% recycled amorphous silica

Spex•Lite® 5510


  • ~98% captured air content
  • Typical Bead Size: ~4 mm
  • Avg Bulk Density: ~0.9 pcf
  • Polyolefin-based material

Spex•Lite® MB 4155


  • ~94% captured air content
  • Typical Bead Size: ~45 - 65 microns
  • Avg Bulk Density: ~4 pcf
  • PVDC-based material

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Size and densities are averages and material may fluctuate.

PCF stands for pounds per cubic foot.