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What are the benefits of Spex•Lite® Resin Extenders?

Made in USA

Your supply chain requires short lead times and quick order fulfillment. That's why Spex•Lite® Epoxy Resin Extenders and Lightweight Aggregates are proudly and conveniently Made in the USA.

Weight Reduction

At around 1.2 pounds per cubic foot (pcf) bulk density,  SPEX•LITE® Resin Extenders will decrease the weight of nearly every system.

Cost Reduction

As an ultra efficient volume filler, SPEX•LITE® Resin Extender's cost per volume saves customers material and freight costs in almost every instance.

Absorbs Minimal Liquid

Using SPEX•LITE® Resin Extenders in a resinous system won't absorb any meaningful amount of the epoxy resin, which helps drive down the material cost of your system.

Rounded Shape

SPEX•LITE® Epoxy Resin Extenders and lightweight aggregates have a rounded shape, which helps promote flow of a resinous system when it is being applied or used.

Free Downloadable Brochure

Check out our brochure for the benefits of using Spex•Lite® Epoxy Resin Extenders.

Spex•Lite® Resin Extender_Brochure_2019 (pdf)